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DevOps Platform

DevOps is the process of developing, deploying, and supporting the online services your business needs. It encompasses a series of philosophies, best practices, and tools designed to maximize efficiency and reliability. DevOps increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity in a dynamic environment: evolving and improving

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products at a faster pace than traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. For enterprises to maximize their ROI on the Cloud it is imperative that they transform from IT operations to Development and Operations (DevOps). At its core, DevOps is the automation of agile methodology. It empowers enterprises to respond to the changing needs of the business in near real time.


Cloudbotics DevOps Platform consists of a proven DevOps at scale for Enterprises. This includes transitioning the Enterprise from Waterfall to Agile by adopting tools, services and processes by enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery:

  • CI/CD Pipeline
  • Code Repository
  • Automated Test
  • Code Review