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Cloud Infrastructure Code Libraries

You and your team  are responsible for deploying Cloud infrastructure (Network, Storage and Compute) for your Software and Application Development team, which needs to be secure and compliant. Your company has a Cloud first strategy, and you have no idea where to start.

At Cloudbotics, we have all the code artifacts you require to deploy and operate a secure and compliant infrastructure with observability, accessibility, security, connectivity, cost management and governance, built in. We take the entire burden of Day 0 activities away from you and  when you are ready for Day 1 activities, we have purpose built modules that will enable you to manage your day to day customer demands, such as:

  • Compute (VMs, Containers, Serverless)
  • Hardened images (CIS and NIST standards)
  • Storage (Object Store, DB, NoSQL DB, Data Warehouse)
  • Network(High speed, VPNs, Streaming data)
  • Identity and Access Governance
    • SSO
    • SIEM
  • Security
    • Log management
    • CIEM
    • Zero trust
    • Data Security

You can start with a Lo Code environment and transition towards a No Code environment by deploying AI/ML bots that will automate frequent repetitive customer requests.