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Who Are We?

Cloudbotics is a leading software company that utilizes DevOps and Automation to digitally transform your business. We help enterprises and SMBs deploy solutions that are hosted in the Cloud to take advantage of the rapid innovation taking place in the industry. We’ll partner with you in using our tools and processes to help your business leverage the Cloud, IoT, big data analytics, AI/ML, and high-performance computing to bring to market the capabilities that give your business the edge you need. Our process is innovative and efficient.
We’ll get you there.

What We Offer to Our Customers

When your business needs a new feature or capability, our developers engage in a proven strategy that integrates the critical steps of production and deployment.

Cloud DevOps

DevOps is the process of creating, deploying, and supporting the online services your business needs. It encompasses a series of philosophies, best practices, and tools designed to maximize efficiency and reliability.

Cloud Automation

Using known, reliable procedures, Cloud automation eliminates the need for manual processes in your workload deployment and management.

Cloud Operations

We pride ourselves on the reliability of our Cloud infrastructure and the management of our systems. Using AI and intelligent bots, we work toward automating your operations, moving from DevOPs to NoOps.

Professional Business Solutions
and Consulting

Cloud Management Platform

Our focus is to ensure your enterprise can access Cloud-based infrastructure and platforms in a secure, compliant, and governed environment.

Data Management Platform

The Cloudbotics Data Management Platform is a comprehensive, integrated solution that enables you to turn your data processes into reliable operations.

DevOps Platform

DevOps is the process of developing, deploying, and supporting the online services your business needs. It encompasses a series of philosophies and best practices.

HIPAA Compliant Chat

Our HIPAA Compliant Chat platform integrates with your mobile and web applications, enabling your care providers to exchange and share sensitive health information.


While we have expertise helping enterprises of all sizes, we specialize in verticals that have regulatory and compliance requirements such Bio-pharma, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Financial Services, and government.

Bio-Pharma, Life Sciences, and Health Care

Pharmacology, personalized healthcare, and genome sequencing are only some of the healthcare practices that lend themselves to the Cloud.


IT in retail spaces is placing a high-stakes bet on e-commerce, where deploying DevOps capabilities is a critical move.

Financial Services

Nowhere is Cloud speed, reliability, and compliance more important than in finance, where vast amounts of money and trust are deployed.