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Data Management Platform

With today’s access to vast amounts of data, scientists, researchers, and physicians can move well beyond their traditional reach. To achieve truly precise and personalized healthcare, and to accelerate time to insight and value, you need a single, unified platform that automates data management, cataloging, governance, and self-service to produce a scalable, actionable data lake. The Cloudbotics Data Lake Management Platform is a comprehensive, integrated solution that enables the operationalization of data processes along the entire pipeline from data source to data consumer. The platform supports deployment on the Cloud, on-premises, multi-cloud, or hybrid environments.


Cloudbotics platform enables an unified approach to data operations. It is a collaboration platform that aligns data stakeholders with infrastructure, security, network and compliance stakeholders. It balances governance with self-service data access and preparation to improve collaboration, reduce time to insight, and incorporate data into everyday business practices.

  • Data Governance
  • Data Categorization
  • Data Cataloging
  • Data Lineage
  • Monitoring and Operations
  • Catalog of Data Pipelines
  • Data Security
  • Data Integrity