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BioPharma, Life Sciences, and Healthcare

Pharmacology, personalized healthcare, and genome sequencing are only some of the healthcare practices that lend themselves to the Cloud. Data lakes can store every detail of the human genome, data from cough and tissue samples, CT scans of patients, the side effects and stats of every known drug, and electronic medical records of patients across large demographics. AI models can analyze this information, which can then be used to treat patients more effectively. Virtual infrastructure in the Cloud enables us to collect, process, and view huge amounts of such information in a cost effective and timely manner. This enables physicians and scientists to take their mission well beyond their traditional reach. With the help of the infrastructure and revolutionary capabilities described above, we can engage in truly precise and personalized medicine.


Our portfolio gives you access to a secure wealth of data and allows you to manage the tools and products you need.

  • Drug Discovery
  • Real World Evidence
  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • IoT
  • EMR
  • Medical Devices
  • Image Recognition
  • Diagnosis